For some of the content you see on this site, I leverage some (free) resources for playing around with. I have listed these below, so that you may also use them. I’ll try and update these from time to time as I find cool new stuff.

Free Resources

If you are a Jamf Pro Cloud customer, you can look into enrolling in the Jamf Cloud betas. This grants you your own personal (free) instance that is always running the latest betas of Jamf Pro. Also super useful for peeking at new features before they hit your production instances.

Paid Resources

  • Hetzner: This site is hosted on a VPS at Hetzner. I also have a referral link for €20 in credit for your first sign-up.
  • Porkbun: Cheap and awesome domain registrar. Technically the domain registrar bit is free, but domains aren’t, so this belongs in the Paid section.